Good Night Books Does Not Accept Submissions

Good Night Books sincerely appreciates the wonderful enthusiasm we have received for our books! All of our books are written and illustrated in-house, so we do not accept submissions. We are delighted to receive suggestions of books you’d like to see us publish and things you’d like to see us add or remove from our current and future titles. We sometimes even send free samples to people who send us valuable feedback, both positive and negative, so please send away! However, we do not accept or even respond to manuscript submissions.

We Aggressively Pursue Intellectual Property Violations

We also need to state here that our legal team is very aggressive in pursuing those who utilize, copy or repurpose our intellectual property, including our books, writing, illustrations, look and feel, and unique approach. This includes those who use our intellectual property in their own books or other publications, whether they use our intellectual property on a subject or place we have already applied it to or on subjects and places that we have not yet applied it to.